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a recognized need, an actionable solution…

A gap exists between the needs of underserved patients and the knowledge and skills of primary care providers (PCPs). PCPs must function in an increasingly complex and fragmented healthcare system. There is a critical need to develop effective, adaptable, and engaged transformation champions that will improve the health of the surrounding community and strengthen the primary care provider pipeline. Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH established an accredited Physician Assistant program founded in 2015 to meet primary care demands and to fulfill the University’s mission of service to marginalized communities. A 2015 Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Primary Care Training Enhancement (PCTE) awardee, the University of Cincinnati (UC) is experienced in the administration of multi- site HRSA-funded educational interventions.

These two Cincinnati-based academic centers have built on their previous partnership to transform community practices working with the underserved in Cincinnati, through development of relationships and support of community health centers and implementation of a transformational fellowship to create community primary care champions.

The goal of the fellowship is to train primary care providers in leadership, healthcare transformation, and education through a curriculum built on quality improvement, the social determinants of health, substance use disorders, collaborative mental health care, medical education curriculum, and provider wellness. Healthcare transformation requires a workforce of interprofessional PCPs working effectively and efficiently with teams caring for medically underserved patients. This fellowship identifies the urgency for change and creates a clear vision for training community providers who will cultivate a new culture of transformation: educating learners, serving patients, and strengthening communities.

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