Substance Use Disorder


Addressing the Opioid epidemic as a peer support, first responder, biologist, & provider

May, 2019

The group discussion this month explored the perceptions of addiction from various community perspectives, and how each can initiate actionable steps in their field in addressing the opioid epidemic in the Southwest Ohio region. Guest panel members included Ryan Dattilo, a recovering addict who now is an outspoken peer support and community advocate for those struggling with addiction. Tom Synan, Police Chief of the Village of Newtown, Ohio and member of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Steering Committee reported the work that still needs to be done to gain headway on the epidemic, and the people necessary to grow the Coalition’s impact. Dr. Kelly Hardin, biology professor from Mount St. Joseph University, described the physiology of addiction, and how we need to move the discussion beyond personal choice to more critical interventions in addressing the biological components. Please note, some of the discussion involves content that may be sensitive to some viewers.