Wellness & Burnout


what keeps you from running your life and what you can do to retain some control september, 2019

Sister Karen Elliott, Director of Mission Integration at Mount St. Joseph University and Eleanor Glass, MD of Integrative Family Care joined the discussion once again to unpack the clutter that keeps us occupied, often from ourselves. From tips in silencing your phone and email to simple soundtracks that can provide a few moments of quiet, they take the fellows on a brief journey back to the center of just being themselves.

what does wellness look like in an organization? March, 2019

This discussion forum looked at burnout at the organizational level and how that impacts the community, including those who both give and receive services, of that organization. The fellows also describe what factors at the macro level that consistently burnout physicians. The fellows and faculty were joined by Patsy Schwaiger, Director of the Wellness Center at Mt. St. Joseph University. Massage therapist and corporate transplant Melissa Salchli also offered her perspective from her dual experiences in the world of office demands and wellness provider.

how do you stay centered? march, 2019

In a world of competing demands, seemingly endless to-do lists, and simply not enough time in one day, how do we hit pause and take care of ourselves? Kristin Neff and Chris Germer from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion offer a collection of self-guided meditation sessions you can tune into to tune out the clutter. These are simple, DIY exercises; no prior experience needed. Try a few out over the next few weeks and see if you can feel a difference. Click the bar below to start now.

Wellness panel discusses everyday practices you can do to reduce stress & burnout September, 2018

The fourth week of each month brings fellows, faculty, specialists and experts together for an event to highlight and explore one curricular theme. This group learning forum includes discussions on recent best practices, tools and building skill through experience. On September 25, 2018 our learning and discussion panel featured conversations on current stress and burnout levels (via completion of three surveys) and daily and long-term strategies for increasing wellness. Guest speakers included Dr. Eleanor Glass of Integrative Family Care and Sister Karen Elliott from Mount St. Joseph University.


how do you measure stress? september, 2018

During a recent exploration of their own challenges and successes in personal wellness, fellows completed a few surveys to see how their stress measures up. One tool they used has been around for the past few decades and has become a public domain go-to for a quick snapshot of stress levels; the Perceived Stress Scale. Try this out for yourself; scoring instructions are included. Do you agree with the results? What are some strategies you could use in everyday life to reduce your stress? Come back again in a few months to retake the survey and see how your stress has changed!